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The Team of D'Plumbing Consultants is spearheaded by the Daiya Father-Son duo.

With experience passed on for four generations, the family tradition of Plumbing and Sanitation continues strong.

D'Plumbing Consultants has tremendously evolved over four generations purely dedicated to Plumbing Services.

Offering complete solutions in Training, Designing and Execution, D'Plumbing has been very actively involved in some of the greatest initiatives nationally and globally. 

Over the years, D'Plumbing has worked on all sorts of projects while specializing and keeping abreast with all latest plumbing trends prevailing globally such as Copper Concealed Plumbing, Composite Piping, Polyethylene, Polybutylene, Polypropylene-R piping with fusion and compression joints, PEX, PERT, CPVC Piping, we know it all. Such techniques which promise of offering maintenance-free and long life plumbing. Though we have moved on from contracting D'Plumbing Consultants today is offering consultancy to many prestigious projects pan India using the extensive knowledge that it possesses.


We are a strong part of the green revolution, spearheading the Green Plumbers India program and offering consultancy services for Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF) and High-rise committee approvals. Also being a part of Bureau of Indian Standards’ (BIS) CED 46:P17 panel, the National Executive Committee (NEC) and the Technical Committee of Indian Plumbing Association in the past ensure our compliance with the National Building Codes of India and Uniform Plumbing Code-India.


We offer complete MEP with a consortium of the some of the best names in the service industry in the country. Do check out our "Services" section for further details.

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