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The core competence of D'Plumbing Consultants, as the name implies, lies in Public Health Engineering, Sanitation and Plumbing Services.

Whereever Water is involved, our expertise plays a pivotal role. 

Keeping client satisfaction a top priority, our world-class service generates outstanding projects and fetches the best testimonials. 

Our Consultancy processes have evolved over the years of our experience with a varied plethora of projects.

Having worked on every possible construction, including Hotels, Hospitals, School & Universities, Factories, Office Premises, Malls, Shopping Districts, Marketplaces, Townships and of course, Residences, you can rest assured our designs are incomparable globally.  


Going a step further, for value addition to our clients, we at D'Plumbing Consultants have formed a consortium with some of the finest MEP Consultants of the country to offer complete services related guidance to all real estate projects.

Our Associates match our experience and expertise to offer you the best Mechanical, Electrical and PHE designs.


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